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Customer Service

Customer service center of Sower Group was set up in 2001.It has been providing services to customers over more than 80 countries and regions in the world, accumulating abundant service experience. Especially during providing service for international customers, they develop service quality of high standard.

Pre-sales: reasonable scheme, for your sake

Customers can inform the equipment and services they required by multiple ways of online consultation, telephone consultation, e-mail consultation and so on (24/7 service) and then talk with the professional engineer. Sower engineers will help customers choose appropriate product model, determine product specifications, production processes, product technical parameters and delivery deadlines. As to the clients of EPC for building plants, engineers of Sower will conduct project planning and design in accordance with their needs, in order to save costs and time, improve efficiency for clients and meet their needs.

Sale: steadily push forward and comprehensively guarantee

According to the communication with clients, Sower will make the production resolution and start the service program of sale. After filing the clients' information, Sower will deliver it to the factory for products manufacturing. During the production process, representatives of customer service will put forward their views and suggestions for design of chemical process aiming on account of the material properties. Clients can also feedback the special requirements on products to the representatives, such as proposing change or altering in detail, ect.

For the aspect of components and parts purchasing, customer service representatives will ensure the models of the parts meet the requirements, such as size, dimensions, etc. Meanwhile, the representatives will communicate with the clients on the unclear part and pay attention to whether the components and parts purchased meet production requirements.

For the aspect of production schedule, customer service representatives will take into consideration customer information and practical situation; promote the parts that are unreasonable in production schedule and communicate with the production department to ensure delivery with the specified date.

On the product quality side, client service representatives will pay attention to the quality situation of the whole manufacturing process, communicate with producing department in time on product's appearance, technology's conformity with the drawing, reasonability of the electric environment etc., to avoid making up for the deficiency afterwards.

Additionally, client service representatives will also deliver the client service manual to client before the equipments' delivery. After the equipment's production is finished, client service representatives will also attend the testing production before the delivery together with QC personnel, strictly control the product's quality, and prevent the unqualified products from going to the customers.

After-sales Service: considerate review and fast feedback.

After-sales service process will start after confirming that the client receives the goods, which mainly includes two parts of installation & adjustment and reparation.

First of all, Sower Group had established the after-sales service management system to ensure that the after-sales service is perfectly provided and that the services provided by after-service representatives are systematic, thus to efficiently supervise and manage the whole after-service system.

Secondly, client service representatives will make a telephone call to client within 24 hours after the installation and testing to review whether clients met any difficulty with the installation and testing of the product, and give instructions to them. The nonscheduled services will be also arranged after the installation and testing is finished.

Thirdly, when the problem met is rather simple, quick guide can be provided by telephone then registration is to be made. Sower's client service personnel will arrange corresponding staff and plan to solve important problems like parts replacing etc.

Finally, Sower is seriously aware that the problem from the after-sales service will become the rich experiences to improve products' quality and enterprise's technical level, which thus to will transfer into the valuable fortune of the enterprise. Therefore, Sower had established consummate after-sales service reparation record and service record, thus to continuously perfect on its after-sales service to make it best.