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What’s the right way of using mortar mixer?


  What’s the right way of using mortar mixer? Nowadays, many enterprises are using this machine, while users are usually not very sure of it and have many questions about it. The bad manner of using it will shorten mortar mixer’s using life, but also result to unnecessary malfunction. Sower Group’s engineer will make a detailed analysis for you.

mortar mixer

  Right way of using mortar mixer:

  1. Insert the plug of mortar mixer into the terminal block. The red light lights up means the power is in, insert the plug of system controller into the corresponding terminal block, the digit on system controller should be “0”.

  2. Push the switch into automatic position, push the start-up button to automatically finish low speed 30s-add sand low speed 30s-high speed 30s-stop 90s-high speed 60s-stop the program. After finishing the above operation, switch the button into manual location, the mortar mixer is going to moving up, operators could control arbitrarily the low speed and high speed running time.

  3. At last, put 1350g of standard sand into the mortar kettle, and 450g of cement and 225g of water into the mixing kettle, then put the mixing kettle into the specific hole, adjust it to the location to be fasten. The mixing is finished until now, discharge the mortar and take out of the mixing kettle.

  Sower Group always insists on the principle of taking quality, honesty, science & technology, excellent manufacturing testing equipment, consummate QC system and the advanced managing mode as the most important thing.

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