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What makes planetary mixer stand out of the other mixing machines?


   What makes planetary mixer stand out of the other mixing machines? Nowadays, many enterprises are using this machine, while users are usually not very cleared about it and have many questions about it. The right way of using it not only prolongs mixer’s using life, but will not make unnecessary waste of resources. Sower Group’s engineer will make a detailed analysis for you.

planetary mixer

  1. Planetary mixer is popular for its low rotating speed and large torque. It could easily blend materials of high viscosity thoroughly; addition to that it also has shearing and sticking function, which could thoroughly mix the materials of high viscosity with no overheating phenomenon. It is the ideal machine of mixing and dispersing, widely meeting the needs of various technologies.

  2. Planetary mixer has the perfect and evenly mixing effect, its blades rotate while the machine’s revolution. The revolution drives the materials of the kettle into the blades area, and the fast rotation blends the materials in the middle and side. The scraper inside of the mixing tank rotates continuously, which makes materials flow from the inner wall to the blades area. The mixer can be in rotating mode or revolution mode, to get the different shearing goal. In this way, the materials could get the perfect blending effects.

  3. Planetary mixer has great mixing range which can be selected according to materials’ technology requirement. The revolutionary scraper, the temperature tester controlling the materials’ temperature and vacuum operation etc. are also optional.

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