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What makes shear emulsifying mixer so popular?


  What makes shear emulsifying mixer so popular? With the technology’s development, till today more and more enterprises are using this machine. However, operators usually do not know so well about it. The mixer will be damaged with long times of bad using thus to delay the manufacturing. Sower Group had made analysis on how is it become so popular for you.

shear emulsifying mixer

  1. Shearing emulsifying mixer is mainly used for better experiments of liquid in container. The rotator drives the materials inside of the container to the stirrer, makes the furious and effective blending in the rotating area, meanwhile throw it out from the holes of stators by RCF.

  2. Shearing emulsifying mixer’s stator could space the flowing, and effectively prevent the large flowing of the materials, which has great influences within the very small space.

  3. The efficiency is around 1000 times of the common mixer.

  4. There are also many different types of stators for replacing, which is mainly designed for satisfying with various requirements of different experiment, and covers a broader using range of crushing, emulsifying, shearing, blending, gathering, suspending, dissolving, and mixing etc.

  Sower Group always insists on the principle of taking quality, honesty, science & technology, excellent manufacturing testing equipment, consummate QC system and the advanced managing mode as the most important thing.

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