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Ribbon mixer SJB-L


Category:Customized mixer series
Name:Ribbon mixing equipment SJB-L
It is used for mixing solid and liquid material or liquid and liquid. It is suitable for mixing high viscosity material in industries such as chemical, pesticide, dyeing auxiliaries, pharmaceutics, food, paint and so on.
1)Low shearing and cycling
2)low speed running and energy saving,
3)easy to install and disassemble
4)various Specifications, to achieve large-scale
5)suitable for mixing, heat transferring, cycling, solid suspending and dissolving for medium and high viscosity material
6) Extruder option
Rotation speed:1~85rpm
Processing capacity:1~100000L(according to customers' requirements)
Packaging:Wooden case , or according to customers’ requirements
Minimum Order:One set
Delivery:One month

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