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High speed planetary mixer SWXJ-400H


Category: Customized mixer series

Name: High speed planetary mixer

Model: SWXJ-400H

Brand: SOWER

Introduction: This machine is new mixer for high viscosity material. The maximum degree of suitable viscosity is 1,500,000cps.


high speed planetary mixer

1) Mechanical seal and soft seal between vessels enable the materials to be mixed under vacuum environment

2) The vessel body can be heated by electricity, steam, water or oil. Special temperature sensor is installed on the transmission shaft.

3) the inwall of the vessel is applied precision machining in order to ensure the effect of scraper

4) planetary mixing improve effect of mixing high viscosity materials

5) frequency control

6) extruder option

Technical parameter:

1)Power supply: 380V 50Hz

2) Oil pump: 1.1KW, explosion proof

3) High speed power: 22KW

4) Rotation speed of disperser disc: 0~2880rpm

5) Frame mixing power: 7.5KW

6) Rotation speed of frame: 0~42rpm

7) Rotation speed of scraper: 0~125rpm

8) Vacuum Pump Power: 7.5KW

9) Vessel volume: 400L

Packaging: Wooden case , or according to customers’ requirements

Minimum Order: One set

Delivery Time: One month

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