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Sower Chemical Design Institute obtain the Qualification of Engineering Design


       Sower Chemical Design Institute(Shanghai Sower Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.) recently obtained the Class B Qualification Certificate of Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical industries(Chemical Engineering).

  Relying on powerful equipment manufacturing capability and the close cooperation with relative institutes, Sower Chemical Design Institute has successfully supplied EPC services to lots of customers from different industries. Till now, we have constructed or remolded 35 construction coating plants, 17 ink plants, 10 pesticide plants, 10 paper chemicals plants, 9 lithium pulp plants, 7 auxiliary plants, 6 adhesives plants, 5 resin plants, 5 silicone plants, 4 marine coating plants, 4 paper coating plants, 4 modified asphalt plants, 3 plastic plants, 3 dye plants, 2 cosmetic plants, 2 lubricants blending plants, 2 lubricating oil off steam plants, and some other plants like flavor plants, dry mortar plants, food plants, pharmaceutical plants.

  Obtaining the certificate means that Sower can undertake the design business of the main work construction projects and supporting projects for the inorganic chemical industry (e.g. urea, sulphuric acid, sodium hydroxide, phosphate fertilizer, etc.) , organic chemical industry (e.g. vinyl acetate, polyester, ABS, rubber, etc.) and synthetic materials and processing(e.g. paints and coatings, resin molding, high efficiency and low toxicity pesticides, fine chemicals, chemical fiber, etc.) in the chemical engineering from now on. We can also engage in the construction general contracting business, the project management and relative technology and management services among the extent of the certificate permitted.

  Sower Chemical Design Institute have dozens of the registered professional engineers, and we have two directly-affiliated factories: the Baoshan project center of Shanghai Sower Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Sower Asia manufacturing Center, along with the container manufacturing base, stirring & dispersing equipment manufacturing base, humanizing & emulsifying equipment manufacturing base, wet grinding equipment manufacturing base, steam distillation equipment manufacturing plants, feeding measuring device manufacturing base, filling & packaging equipment manufacturing base, altogether more than 10 factories that are in holding, equity participation and collaboration, mainly in Jiangsu and Shanghai and surround area.

  Sower will be happy to bring our customers the best satisfactory service with our professional qualification, rich experiences, first-class team and excellent equipment!

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