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Undertake construction of textile printing & dyeing plant with a German multinational company


  In the last few days, Sower made an agreement with a German multinational company to supply turnkey project services of equipment, electricity and pipe installation for its textile printing & dyeing engineering contracted in Jiangsu, China.

  The German company is very famous in the textile printing & dyeing industry with more than one hundred years history. This is the first printing & dyeing project of bilateral cooperation, the German side is responsible for supplying necessary technical guidance, and Sower is in charge of detailed design, project management, procurement contracting, construction and installation.

  As a general contracting company supplying professional engineering services to small-mid scale chemical projects, we have the comprehensive capability for design, procurement, construction and management, etc. Through this cooperation with the multinational company, we can bring Europe’s most advantage technology and techniques into China, make the industry be integrated with international standards faster and better, further promote the modernization and internationalization of textile, dyeing and printing industry, and improve industry productivity and product quality.

  After the favorable cooperation, Sower becomes the cooperative partner for a series of projects with the German multinational company.

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