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Sower successfully handed over production line to a polyurethane Co. of Yantai


  Sower Mechanical & Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. of Sower Group successfully delivered production line project of special chemical addictives to a polyurethane Co. of Yantai on January 10, 2012. The project has been successfully checked and accepted by clients and was highly praised.

  Being the largest manufacturing company of MDI in Asia-Pacific region, the enterprise of Yantai has been listed and mainly engaged in research and development, manufacture and sales of MDI-based products of isocyanate series, aromatic polyamines series and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer series. At present, the company has three sets of MDI equipments with production capacity of 80 tons/year, reaching advanced level.

  Group Sower Wang said, "This project is characterized by short delivery time, complex process and special structure of material. Within only one month and a half Sower completed the customized project meeting the requirements of business owner. The annual output of complete equipment is 5,000 tons with investment of about 500 million.

  The features of Sower 5000T complete equipment are automatically controlled vacuum feed, electronic metering, friendly man-machine interface of PLC and self-locking function towards misoperation. The device incorporates a number of patents and combines efficient function of milling and refining.

  Sower Group has successfully produced non-standard customized equipments for a number of enterprises, superb production technology and excellent quality of service got favorable reception by customer. Sower wishes to build a new international famous brand by its new manufacture concept, efficient production management, excellent product quality, and perfect service.


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