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Wish of Sower for Spring Festival 2012


With the sound of firecrackers, we usher in a new 2012. In this occasion, we extend new year wishes to business owners, customers and who are always concerned about the development of the Sower. For the staff and their families of Sower Group, we express sincere thanks for their positive efforts and important contributions.

wish for Spring Festival 2012

In 2012, our company developed steadily. During this year, under the hard work of all staff, we overcome difficulties one after another and made success. These achievements are inseparable from the hard-working employees and their families. Thank them for their work.

When the sun began to shine in 2012, we begin a new journey. We must achieve our dreams by firm confidence, strong willpower, indomitable spirit.

Elegant person, see the back you will know; progressive people, listen to footsteps you will know; kind people, see the face you will know; confident person, see the eyes, you will know; propitious people,see Sower people you will know. In the New Year, Sower wishes you all good health, happiness and successful career!

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